• Selective Pallet Rack

    Selective Rack

    • The most popular type of material handling storage system
    • The lowest cost per storage location
    • Provides the highest number of indiavidual pallet “pick faces” and access to each storage location
    • Available in both roll-formed and structural (Structuroll®) configurations
    • Very easy to reconfigure to match changes in customer needs
    Double-Deep Rack
    • System designed to store pallets two deep per position
    • Half the number of aisles of a selectiverack system
    • Most popular when storage of multiple pallets of the same material is required, without the need for access to individual pallets at all times
    • Requires specialized lift trucks to reach back and retrieve rear-position pallets
    • Dense storage system
    Features & Benefits
    Single Rib Column Design: Adds to strength and rigidity. 4 x 2.5” open-back frames and standard sizes of closed column frames also available for high capacity applications. Steel-Clad® column impact resistance system available for all frames.
    Tapered Keyhole Slots: Pulls beam against frame for maximum stability.
    Three high strength buttonhead studs on beam connector plates: More strength with less weight. Extra safe connection & snug fit. Less stress on components than slot & hook connections.
    One-piece tube seamed step beams: No exposed welds, which can damage pallets.
    Integrated beam connector safety locks: Patented, self-engaging design is secure and easy to use & reposition. Factory welded to the beam connector plate - no loose parts.
    Powder coat baked polyester finish: Scratch resistant, high gloss finish. Ideal for all food & most industrial corrosive applications.
    Interchangeable product design: EXCEL rack is compatible with most "teardrop" design pallet racks.
    Quick & Easy Assembly: Saves time & money. No loose bolts and nuts.
    Return bends on all open-back design frame members: No sharp exposed edges. Great for many retail applications.
    RMI R-Mark certification: R-Mark certification represents Excel's compliance with the latest design, safety and international standards established by the Rack Manufacturers Institute for industrial steel storage racks.
    Factory Support: Large enough to handle any size job. Small enough for the personal services that most companies cannot provide.
    Stock rack for immediate requirements: Warehouses and stocking dealers around the country with a large selection of popular size racks.
    Full range of capacities & sizes from hand-loaded bulk rack to your heaviest applications: One source for all your storage needs. Complete turn-key including design, manufacture, delivery, installation and implementation.

  • Push Back Rack

    System Flexibility
    EXCEL Push-Back utilizes a system of enveloping carts installed into high density storage rack. With push-back, all pallet loads on every level are readily available at the face of the rack. It saves space while providing increased stability and less opportunity for fork truck damage to rack or product. All push-back components are made of 100% structural steel. It is available in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 deep styles and can be arranged as back-to-back islands or stand alone bays. Number of levels high is restricted only by your lift truck’s reach. No special fork trucks are required. Push-back systems are fully operational in freezers, coolers and high temperature environments.

    Q & A
    How much slope do the rails have? The system utilizes a slope of 3/8” per foot, or just a little less than two degrees. This slope ensures that empty carts will always return to the front of the lane. Most times the total slope is less than the lift clearance above the pallet at the load end, and therefore, does not affect the number of storage levels.
    What size aisle is required? Aisles should be sufficient to allow an operator to square up to the pallet without turning into the rack. Usually this is 6” more than the truck manufacturers’ minimum aisle requirement.
    How much push is required by the forklift? Approximately 4% of the total weight being pushed back, not counting the pallet on the forks of the truck. This is well within the capabilities of most lift trucks.
    How difficult is push-back to load and unload? Experience has shown that most operators are completely efficient within a half day. Many operators state that push-back is easier to load and unload than standard pallet rack. Operating instructions are sent with each system.
    What about maintenance? There is no required maintenance. Bearings are permanently lubricated.

    Features & Benefits
    EXCEL push-back is loaded with safety features and smart innovations. Its unique design provides trouble-free operation, and structural steel push-back components ensure long life in tough warehouse environments.

    Multi Purpose Plate - Acts as:
    Height gauge: If the load is high enough to clear the safety stop, then the pallet will not prematurely move the awaiting cart.
    Strip-off stop: If an operator has his forks in an improper tilt position, the safety stop will catch the bottom of the pallet and “strip” it off his forks.
    End stop: The end stop, situated on the lowest cart, prevents pallets from shifting beyond the front load beam.
    Push plate: Pushing on the plate with the last pallet being inserted into the lane ensures proper placement on the rails as well as guaranteeing safe clearance of the cart.
    Full lane indicator: The operator can tell if a lane is full by the absence of the plate. If it is not showing, the last cart has been pushed back by the last load and the lane is full.
    Low Profile: EXCEL push-back has a lower profile than other cart type systems. This allows for extra lift clearance, and possibly an additional storage level.
    Linked Carts: Carts are linked when extended, eliminating the possibility of single pallet hang-ups, which can lead to uncontrolled pallet load movement. No push-back system is complete without this important safety feature.
    Flanged Steel Wheels: Our wheels are manufactured from solid steel and equipped with heavy duty bearings. Sturdy 5/8” shafts are welded to the carts and are oversized to withstand shock loading - capacities of up to 1,400 lbs. per wheel.
    Lift-Out Protectors: Each push-back cart is equipped with lift-out protectors, which prevent accidental dislodgement of carts by forklift operators.
    Gauge Bars: Maintain the proper distance between cart rails. This assures precise alignment and smooth operation of the cart nesting system.

  • Drive-In/Drive Thru Rack

    Drive-In and Drive-Thru racks eliminate the need for conventional traffic aisles and allow maximum use of the warehouse cube for high density pallet storage, floor-to-ceiling. Drive-In systems are designed for one-way forklift entry, permitting trucks to move in or out of rack bays freely to store incoming loads or retrieve outbound loads for shipment. Bays can be up to five pallet rows deep, and the system is ideally suited for last-in, first-out inventory management.

    Drive-Thru systems have two access aisles for loading and retrieval. Forklifts can enter the rack bay from either aisle, placing loads for storage or retrieving loads-exiting the bay in the same direction of travel as entered. Drive-Thru systems will readily accommodate first in, first-out stock flow, an essential requirement in certain industries.

  • Wire Decking

    Why GalvaDeck is the solution for you
    We take great pride in the design and manufacture of our wire rack decking. GalvaDeck retains its appearance and thw reflective quality of our galvanized finish will brighten your warehouse.

    The competition doesn't measure up
    Compare our rack decking with ordinary powder coated decking and it becomes clear why GalvaDeck is the better investment. GalvaDeck is incredibly durable. On the other hand, powder coated decking chips, scratchesand corrodes with time, compromising the structural integrity of the decking, causing an unsightly appearance and increased friction.

  • Carton Flow
  • Pallet Flow

    Pallet flow rack is driven by gravity. It is perfect for fast-moving product with first-in/first out (FIFO) stock rotation. Heavy-duty skate wheels on sloped shelves allow palletized loads to flow forward for picking. The high-density storage utilizes space with fewer aisles. Pallet Flow can send pallets through standard pallet rack or to Carton Flow Systems consisting of multi-level picking modules to split loads into boxes or piece parts. Warehouse floor space utilization can be maximized with fewer aisles by storing pallets back to back. Unlike in static systems such as Drive-In racking, product flows back to a picking position and is easily accessible to the operator.

    Smooth rolling metal skate wheels on sturdy rails come preassembled so that installation only requires dropping them into bays and securing with a tek screw.

    In-line wheels come on 2", 3" or 4" centers and staggered wheels are available for heavier loads on 1 1/2" or 2" centers. Flow lanes are easily created by dropping the track into the bay which fits securely in the step of the beam and a nylon stop at the end keeps the pallet in the bay. Pallets are loaded from one side of the racking and selected from the other. As each load is removed, the load behind moves forward automatically to the picking position. This system is ideal for rotating perishables or date-sensitive inventory.

    There is no limit to the size of a project or storage density. Deep Lane Pallet Flow can be designed to store as many as twenty pallets deep with the use of electro-mechanical or pneumatic speed-braking systems. Simple braking systems can be placed throughout flow lanes to control pallet flow speed.

  • Shelving

    Rivet-Span® Types

    Bulk Storage Units are ideally suited to virtually any type of hand-loaded material. It is designed for greater cube capacity than shelving and lower price than rack. Rivet-Span can be used to make bulk storage racks for storing a broad range of hand-loaded heavy materials, bulky parts or hard-to-store items.

    • Designed for spans of 48" to 96" wide.
    • Choice of beam capacity to meet your storage requirements.
    • Uses double rivet angle, channel or Z beams.
    • Beam levels adjust on 1-1/2" centers.
    • T Post adder units further reduce material investment and installation time.
    Shelf Units can be used as quick, low-cost, steel wood shelving. Single rivet and double rivet low profile beams provide maximum space between shelf levels. Plus, Rivet-Span is ideal for double entry shelving units. It can be accessed from all four sides because no cross braces are required for stability.

    • Designed for units up to 48" wide.
    • Uses single rivet or double rivet low profile beams on intermediate levels.
    • Uses full "perimeter" double rivet angle beams at the top and bottom levels for rigidity.
    • Shelf levels adjust on 1-1/2" centers.
    • T Posts provide additional savings on runs of shelving.
    Why Rivet-Span®?
    Rivet-Span is an economical and versatile hand-load storage product that is incredibly easy to assemble, yet strong. It starts with a simple, economical design. A unit consists of posts, horizontal beams and wood decking. A variety of beams are available to accommodate a wide range of loads...and in spans and depths wider and greater than conventional shelving. Beams have high strength shoulder rivets that engage double keyhole post slots to form a strong and rigid unit. All components are universal (no lefts or rights, fronts or backs). Without the hassle of nuts, bolts, clips or cross braces, Rivet-Span installation is quick and easy.

    • Low initial investment reduces shelving costs.
    • Quick labor saving installation reduces set-up costs.
    • Sizes to eliminate costly decking material cutting charges.
    • Steel frame construction extends shelving life.
    • Rigid boltless connection between posts and beams.
    • Secure double key hole and shoulder rivet connections.
    Simple Assembly
    • All pieces universal: No lefts or rights, no fronts or backs, no tops or bottoms.
    • Requires no cross or sway braces.
    • Allows access from any or all four sides.
    • Variety of beams to accommodate a wide range of loads.
    • Spans up to 8' to optimize storage.

  • Mezzanines

    The same engineering expertise and product quality that characterize Wildeck's Custom Mezzanines are built into their Standard Mezzanines too. This assures you our Standard Mezzanine will give you added space at a moderate cost, with superior quality throughout.

    High strength, zinc plated steel bolts combine with heavy duty steel angles to align the framing for uniform installation. These integrated components lock the connection into a solid unit for maximum strength.

    Thousands of Wildeck mezzanines, both custom and standard, are being used today in warehouses, government and military facilities, industrial plants and retail stores.

    Decking options

    • roof deck and Resindek
    • steel bar grating
    Heavy duty columns provide strength and loading capacity required for industrial and commercial applications.
    • Completely fabricated steel components require no drilling, cutting or welding.
    • A selection of stairs and handrails are available to meet specified code.
    • (Optional) Installations are made by experienced mezzanine contractors. Each mezzanine is warranted for workmanship and material by Wildeck and mezzanine contractor.
    • To aid installation, component parts are piece marked with cross references to an installation manual complete with drawings.

  • Protective Products

    Guard Rail Benefits:

    • Reduces downtime for equipment and manpower
    • Cuts workers' compensation claims
    • Protects sensitive computer stations and CNC machinery
    • Shields personnel in adjacent offices and break rooms from wall impacts
    • Available in single, double, and triple rail configurations
    • Direct pedestrian traffic flow
    Standard End-of-Aisle Rack Protectors:
    • "Right" or "Left" rack protectors available from stock
    • Standard lengths of 26", 36", 42", and 48" meet most rack applications
    • Half-Moon 12" tall by 1/2" thick
    • Angle 4" x 6" x 1/2"
    • Custom rack protectors also available
    • 48" extension angle are in stock, custom lengths available
    Safety Bollard Benefits:
    • Protect loading dock doors, in-plant office corners, and warehouse equipment
    • Square 5" x 5" x 3/16" thick structural tubing
    • Topped with a galvanized steel cap
    • Solid 10" x 10" x 3/8" thick base plate
    • Available in standard heights of 24", 36", and 42"
    • Custom 60" high bollards also available
    Column Protector Benefits:
    • Surrounds large building columns, drainpipes, and other facility equipment
    • Rugged Column Protectors are prefabricated, eliminating all on-site welding or cutting
    • Resists forklift, hand truck, and heavy cart impact
    • Anchors are positioned internally
    • Minimize obstruction around columns
    • We recommend purchasing a set of four to protect all sides of a column