• Ryson Spiral Slat Type Conveyor

    Several Spiral Conveyor Models
    The Ryson Spiral Conveyors are of modular design and are available in several standard versions to accommodate a broad range of loads on applications. The spirals go up or down and be made reversible. All models can have extended in or outfeed, making Ryson Spiral Lifts easy to fit in most layouts.

    Custom Vertical Solutions
    Ryson recognizes that our customers sometimes have needs outside of our standard models. We are therefore prepared to customize and find individual solutions for our customers. All spirals can be delivered in painted carbon steel, stainless steel or washdown versions suitable for food handling. The spirals can also be made for low temperature and freezer applications.

  • Vertical Carton Lift

    The Vertiveyor is a continuous four-standard lift which is modular in design and capable of handling high daily usage rates. It is capable of supporting high speed operations up to forty loads per minute while consuming a minimal amount of floor space. Because the products conveyed never change orientation, the Vertiveyor is an excellent option for handling products which are apt to slide or tumble on an inclined or spiral conveyor.

    Standard specifications

    • Machine tapered sprockets
    • T-Handle access doors
    • Infeed conveyor with tunnel guard
    • Energy management
    • Expanded metal and lexan guarding
    Optional equipment
    • Automatic chain oiler
    • UL control panel
    • Water washdown feature
    • Stainless steel for food applications
    • Customer specified electrical components
    • Tunnel guards available
    • Special paint available
    • Doubler for increased throughput (up to 80)
    • Plastic coating on slats
    • Side driver motor
    • Drip pan under drive motor
    • Access panel for cleanout

  • Vertical Pallet Lift

    Lift capacities from 100 to 30,000 lbs.
    Standard platform size up to 12 ft. wide x 30 ft. long
    Tough lifting motor sized for continuous duty
    High service factor gearbox
    Alloy steel drive shaft for durability
    Dual roller chains (instead of cables) for long service life
    Quality, brand-name electrical components
    UL-508A labeled control panel
    Fabricated by AWS D1.1 Certified Welders
    Bracing material provided
    Structural grade fasteners and floor anchors
    Standard units are designed for “bolt-together” installation (field welding not required)
    Gate Closed’ and ‘Ready’ indicator lights on control panel
    Self-diagnostic control system on all multi-level units (more than two stops)
    Momentary contact "Call" and "Send" control buttons at all accessed floor levels
    Instantaneous overload protection (fixed setpoint)
    Broken chain free-fall safety system
    Standard lifting height up to 150 ft. (other heights available)
    Standard speed: 28 fpm (feet per minute) – higher speeds available
    Industrial strength carriage platform to handle heavy point loads
    Fast-acting brake system for crisp, accurate stops